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Kyoto Tourist Information

diseño de logo This time we will introduce sightseeing information in Kyoto.

On the evening of August 16th, clearly emerging in the night sky of the summer, “Goyama fire” is well-known nationwide as a scenic feature of the summer of Kyoto as well as the Gion Festival.
“Goshama fire” is also a religious event, but started by locals, “fire” is still supported by local people and volunteers, events that have been passed down by civilians for hundreds of years history It is.
It will be ignited on August 16th
Matsugasaki Mythology · · · 8:05 PM
Ship lantern lantern … 8:10 pm
Left capital letter … 8:15 pm
Torii torch · · · 8:20 pm
Although the time starts from late, Kyoto Teramo will return the next day at plus 2000 yen, so you can use it without worrying about return time ?✨




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